The Team will be at a place called Eext ( nr Assen) this weekend. As you can see from the list of bikes and riders participating is it not the full Team which will be there. This event is celebrating their 10th anniversary enough a reason for the very profesional organisation to invite YCRT this time. When the event will be as good as the preparations of the organisation, Albert Springer and his crew have done a teriific job so far, than we will enjoy ourselves and the spectators even more. The event will be held on Sunday 23rd of August.

Yamaha RD56F 250cc 4cyl 4s Jos Schurgers
Yamaha YZ634 350cc 2cyl 2s Dieter Braun
Yamaha RR08A 350cc 4cyl 2s Pentti Korhonen
Yamaha YZ634A 500cc 2cyl 2s Dirk Verwey
Yamaha 0W31 750cc 4cyl 2s Steve Baker